Meet Antilhas / The Company


Antilhas is a 100% national company, recognize in the market by its pioneering in taking package innovations and solutions to its customers. Developing package solutions for over 12 thousand sales points in all regions of Brazil. Our manufacturing unit is located at Santa do Parnaíba, State of São Paulo, and has 28 thousand m² of built area, in an estate with 40 thousand m².

Since our foundation, we have invested in research and development, infrastructure and quality, keeping in the forefront of new technologies and market trends, offering our customers, always in first hand, the opportunity to take the lead in the market they operate. The ongoing investment in innovation enables us to always have new solutions to improve our customers’ performances.

Bags, envelopes and cases delivered store by store.

Folding cartons, boxes, cases and promotional kits delivered directly in the production line.

Technical coils, stretch and shrink hoods for automating the production line end.