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Aplicação na Prática

Off-Set Division

The Offset printing system has modern large-sized equipment with capacity to print 6 or more colors and in-line varnish application, on paper or cardboard, UV print over special supports, high-definition imaging and high-speed production with short setups.

Flexographic Division

The flexographic system has the newest printing system with cure by electron beams (EB). This system uses EasyRad ink, developed and patented by TechnoSolutions, a company of the Antilhas Group, which increases considerably the print quality, in addition to the conventional broadband method, with printing capacity up to 8 colors and varnish application with UV in-line drying, over paper and flexible wraps, with high-speed production and high-definition printed imaging and two more less gear prints with defect detection and electronic controlled devices for several situations.

Special finishing

We offer a wide range of finishing options that meet all the markets according to every need – Hot stamping, dry relief, dry relief with hot stamping, plasticizing, manual finishing of bags and boxes, solventless lamination, cut and fold with laser produced matrixes, automatic glue up to 6 points, cutting and welding, automatic closure of paper or plastic bags, refills and recoiling for technical high-performance equipment coils and application of elastic straps, ribbons and straps.

Third party’s raw material management

We constantly develop new suppliers and raw-materials in order to increase our package solutions and options. All this making of new raw material is directly connected to the customer needs, the customer business characteristics and production feasibility studies.

Automatic Assembly

For large-scale works, we use automatic assembly equipment to perform the gluing and strap application. We have 6 exclusive machines for paper bag assembly, which provides agility to the process with final quality similar to manual assembly.

Hand assembly

For items with differentiated finishing or special formats, we perform the bag assembly and gluing in a manual process, as well as the arrangement of kits and gift folding cartons. Ribbons, bows, tags and other adornments that characterize the package customization involve special care during assembly in order to facilitate as much as possible the handling process of the product set after purchase.