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Process that retain contractual print tests, also ensures equal color quality for the entire impression, even if it is performed in different (offset) machines.

To ensure a good management, it is necessary to have control over all the variables, from the work environment where the packages are printed to the inks and substrates that will be used in the product.

Antilhas reinforces once again its commitment to innovation, being the first company in the industry to be in accordance with international standard ISO 12647, which standardizes and controls processes from their creation to final printing.

Antilhas has acquired specialized software and a printer to ensure the adoption of color management. The company has standardized the files with the new technology, generating more stability and fidelity of the printers.

Currently, the standardization of printing processes according to standard ISO 12647 is already consolidated in the entire world. The application concepts and tools are focused in the purpose of color repeatability, from creation to the final product.