Solutions and Services / Perfect as you Like it

Perfeito do Seu Jeito

Antilhas has specialized teams with great know-how to meet the demands of each customer and each business model. Studies, surveys and updates of the knowledge are constantly performed to ensure the customer needs will be met in a surprisingly and effective manner.

Services customized to your needs

We study the customer’s business with depth, understanding the needs, difficulties and particularities.

Knowing more about your sales point, productive line, products and consumer public, we present differentiated solutions that accurately meet your needs and surprise with striking proposals.

Team’s expertise above average

In addition to updated professionals with large market experience, Antilhas encourages innovative supported thinking, enabling the most striking ideas. And it is our team that drives Antilhas towards a highlight position in the markets we operate.

Development of Solutions

“It is only perfect when it is just how you need it”. Quick and good understanding of the customer needs is transformed in different and great package solutions, always based in coherent and feasible reasons for large or small-scale production for different markets.

Technological innovations

Antilhas constantly invests in modern equipment, infrastructure and processes to ensure a better and better ability to develop solutions for the customers.

Innovations in products

We have an internal department specifically dedicated to developing innovative products and raw-materials. With multifunctional, highly qualified professionals that focus exclusively in discovering and developing new items so the solutions can be produced more easily and with more practicality for the customer and the final user’s use.

Exclusive service tools

Antilhas provides its customers with tools that enable more agility in the package development process and also maintain a close bond with the customers.


With the JIT-FP (Just in Time – Franchising Program) supply policy, exclusively aimed at retail, Antilhas undertakes the responsibility for managing and supplying packages at the franchisee’s store network. Using information systems specially developed to manage package demand, production and distribution forecasts, Antilhas maintains a stock of products for prompt delivery, collects and distributes the packages directly at the consumption locations.

JIT-FP benefits are numberless and, most of them, are unmeasurable. The packages no longer go through the franchisee’s warehouse, thus eliminating expenses related to handling, re-dispatching and transport to the store network, administrative costs and, most of all, taxes, by avoiding a new tax on the packages billing to the stores.

Now, with JIT-IS (Just in Time – Industry Supply), by establishing a partnership with Antilhas, the plant receives the packages according to its needs on time, quantity and location. The stock and management remain Antilhas’ entire responsibility. The delivery is performed at the exact time and location of the industrial production line.

The purchase batch becomes untied to production minimum quantities, enabling the production of economic and better cost-benefit batches for the customer.

Industry minimum stock levels, packages available for prompt delivery and high purchase flexibility are the main benefits for the industrial customer.

Antilhas Asia

Antilhas is aligned with global trends so its customers can be differentiated within the market. The company has installed two facilities in Asia, in China: one at the city of Hangzhou (close to Shanghai and Ningbo) and another at Hong Kong. ANTILHAS ASIA office at Hangzhou has a team fluent in English, Portuguese and Mandarin and there are both Brazilians and Chinese working locally. The second ANTILHAS ASIA unit is located further south, in the city of Hong Kong and has a team fluent in Mandarin, English, Portuguese and Cantonese. This way, Antilhas can anticipate itself as to global trends, physically establishing its present in the world’s region with higher economic growth and innovation levels.