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In addition to finding and developing the most revolutionary raw-material in the market, our Innovation & Development team offer our customers with products with sustainable concept. This means that we think beyond and develop packages that have less impact to the environment, products with sizes and shapes that were thoroughly studied, avoiding excesses and reducing the raw-material employed. That is why our solutions go beyond what the competition offers and they can even generate cost reduction.

Sustainable raw-material add value to this proposal. Some of them are:

  • Oxi-biodegradable plastics, compostable and from renewable sources:

    Plastic packages in biodegradable resin, compostable and from renewable source, with corn-based production, can be discarded in the organic garbage, having its full degradation within a few weeks without leaving residues. Since it contains raw-material from renewable source, by optimizing the plastic production time to its consumption and decomposition, this resin assists in balancing the carbon cycle.

  • Fabric produced 100% from PET bottles recycled:

    With the slogan ‘I was once a PET bottle’, Antilhas launched, in the end of 2008, a new product in accordance with global trends of nature protection and that reaches directly in the final consumer habits: reusable and ecologically correct bags. Due to its level of innovation, this packages received several awards, including the award promoted by World Packaging Organization (WPO), which has the goal of disclosing the continuous technologic evolution in packages and generating an international excellence standard.

  • Certified Origin Paper (FSC):

    Certified since October 2009 with the FSC seal (Forest Stewardship Council), producing packages in paper and cardboard, with the safety that it is part in a responsible supply chain and handling of forest inputs, ensuring the conformity with social, environmental and economical rules that are globally recognized.

  • Papers 100% recycled after use:

    Papers 100% recycled after use are another sustainable option. All the fiber used in this type of paper is recycled. This means that in order to be transformed in new paper, employment and income were generated with the collection of papers from urban centers, separation in cooperatives and even in the production at the recycling industry. Recycled papers save:

    • Important space in landfills
    • 95% of solvent’s emission in the air,
    • 70% water consumption, and
    • 50% electric power in the productive process
  • Soy-based ink:

    We are also pioneers in Brazil for the use of soy-based ink with the ASA certification (American Soybean Association). Ecologically more correct than conventional ones, we avoid the use of oil, a non-renewable resource, selecting the soy, which is not only renewable but can be easily produced; soy-oil-based inks also reduce the emission of volatile composites generated during the printing process.

Soluções Sustentáveis em produtos