Solutions and Services / Perfect as you Like it

Perfeito do Seu Jeito

Antilhas has specialized teams, with great expertise to meet every Client’s demand and every business model. Studies, data gathering and knowledge updates are constantly carried out in order to meet the Clients’ requirements in a surprising and efficient manner.

Services customized to your needs

We study the Client’s business in depth, understanding its requirements, difficulties and particularities.

Learning more about the characteristics of its outlet, its productive line, its products and its consumer public, we present differentiated solutions that meet the requirements precisely and surprise due to their unusual proposal.

Team’s expertise above average

Apart from professionals updated and with great market experience, Antilhas incentivises innovating thinking supporting and making feasible the most unusual ideas. And it is our team that drives Antilhas to a distinguish place in the markets where we operate.

Development of Solutions

“It is only perfect when it is as you need it”. The fast and correct understanding of the Client’s requirement is transforming different and excellent solutions into packaging, always based on coherent and feasible reasons for small or large-scale production for different markets.

Technological innovations

Antilhas constantly invests in modern equipment, infrastructure and processes to develop more and more solutions for the Clients.

Innovations in products

Internally, we have a specific department to develop innovating products and raw materials. With highly capable and multifunctional professionals, exclusively focused on discovering and developing novelties, so they become easier and easier to produce and more and more practical for the Client’s and final user’s use.

Exclusive service tools

Antilhas makes available to its Clients tools that provide faster packaging development as well as greater proximity with the Clients.


By means of JIT-FP (Just in Time – Franchising Program) supply policy, directed exclusively to retail, Antilhas is responsible for all the packaging administration and supply of the franchiser’s store chain. It uses information systems of especially developed to manage forecasting packaging demand, production and distribution, Antilhas keeps products for prompt delivery in stock, collects and distributes the packaging directly to the consumer outlets.

JIT-FP’s benefits are countless and mostly, measurable. The packaging no longer goes through the franchiser’s warehouse, eliminating handling, reshipping and re-transport to the store chain management, administrative costs and, mainly taxes, by avoiding stores having packaging rebilling undergoing double taxations.

Thus, with JIT-IS (Just in Time – Industry Supply), upon entering a partnership with Antilhas, the industry receives the packaging according to its time, quantity and location requirements. The inventory and its management become Antilhas’ full responsibility. Delivery is performed at exact tempo and at the industrial production line location.

The purchasing lot becomes unbound from minimum production lots, allowing the manufacture of economical lots and better cost/benefit ratio for the Clients.

The minimal stock levels at the plant, the packaging available for prompt delivery and high flexibility of purchase are the main gains for the o industrial Client.