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Voltar Instituto Papel de Menino

Instituto Paper of Menino (IPM) is non-profit-making association that believes social reinsertion is possible through education, training and professional qualification, and rescue of personal appreciation and of family and social bonds.

IPM works in various ways with adolescents that are serving a judicial social and educational measure at Fundação CASA (Juvenile Detention Centre). By means of weekly visits, the volunteers encourage making affection bonds, carry out recreational, sport, cultural, social activities and contribute towards the training and qualification for work though social and educational workshops.

Antilhas believes in the project since its conception and helps IPM with all the installations for its new headquarters, as well as supplying materials to make feasible crafts workshops that have pedagogic objective with a reflection on environmental, work and art concepts. The adolescents learn to handle sulphite paper wrapping that would have been discarded, to transform it into new and useful products, such as carrier bags, picture-frames, and pencil holders.