From studies aimed at solving in the best way possible the customer’s needs, Antilhas offers different package and wrapping solutions.


Final product for the paper and stationery industries, also called technical coils.

Cut Size

Final package produced and delivered in coils according to the customer technical specifications.


Shrink hood e Stretch hood

Films to wrap and protect palletized cargos


It is only perfect when it just how you need it.

Differentiated Print

The flexographic system has the newest printing system with cure by electron beams (EB). This system uses EasyRad ink, developed and patented by TechnoSolutions, a company of the Antilhas Group, which increases considerably the print quality, offers benefits to the environment and ensure better visual quality to the packages.

Sustainable Innovations

  • EB Printing System with VOC emission reduction
  • Stretch Hood with material reduction
  • More productive equipment with less relative consumption of power, inputs and losses
  • FSC certified paper
  • Recycled paper
  • Biodegradable and compostable plastic
  • Degradable plastic
  • Single-layer packages
  • Pouche 100% PE

New Facilities

Antilhas Group’s new production unit have independent facilities at Santa da Parnaíba. There are 5 thousand square meters of build area that follow the company’s sustainability concepts. Antilhas that already had a strong presence in the market now incorporates to the new Flexible Packaging unit the group’s innovation DNA, focused in sustainable products with performance of applications that enable economic benefits and add value to the supply chain.

Innovation & Development

Team specialized in studying, creating and developing packages in an innovative, smart and customized way. Our packages win the most important awards in the sector. Antilhas has a collection of certificates and trophies that testify the quality and competitive difference related to innovative package solutions. There are over 360 National and International Certificates and Awards.


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    • Coating and extrusion coating

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